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Barcelona Fashion Day is celebrated for the first time on March 14th 2015 at 18:00 in Room Moragues at the Born Cultural Center.

It consists of a parade of tailored clothes for models with disabilities.

Two young students from  INSA Business Marketing & Communication School approached the FCPC a few weeks ago, with the idea for a project at school proposing a parade of tailored clothes for models with disabilities.

Since its approach coincided with the line of action of the Foundation, we supported them. The tailored clothing company Tribes Barcelona are also involved in the project from the beginning.

Thanks to the support and commitment of the Barcelona City Council, the ceremony can take place at the Centre Cultural del Born.

The project has also the support of 20 people with disabilities from various organizations in Barcelona that will show different outfits from three tailored clothing brands for disabled people.

We are also helped by people from Flaqué Group, which contribute their experience in the field of event organization.  ICCIC provides the  graphics, Llongueras the styling and writer Marius Serra will make the introduction to the event.

The rest of the people who collaborate with the project are also voluntaries: models with disabilities, personal assistants, DJ, hairdressers, makeup artists, ushers, musicians, photographers, etc.

Convinced that this will be a pioneering event in Barcelona and bring visibility to people with disabilities who wish to be considered in the fashion world, we hope to count on your support to give it the boost such an initiative needs.

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